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Aron Govil On How to Start a Business and Keep Books in Order

Aron Govil

Start a business begins with the process of starting a business. Many people undertake this activity with passion but lose interest after struggling for some time since the task is challenging and very tiring says Aron Govil.

Even though there are so many challenges, it does not mean that an individual should give up after one or two failed attempts. If done well, starting a business can be rewarding since you get to earn income from your labor.

The following guide on how to start a business will help you realize your dreams:

Have a goal in mind:

You need to have clear goals which must be realistic and measurable before setting out on the journey of starting a business. For example, you want to sell soaps, and then state how much soap do you want to sell within a specific time period.

Plan your work and work your plan:

Do not just start working without a plan because you will find it difficult to track your progress. You can ask for help from a financial advisor or a mentor who has been successful in starting a business before to guide you through the journey. The reason is that they have been where you are now and thus they can make it easier for you as well as encourage you since they know how tough it is to start a business. There are countless stories of individuals who give up even before taking their first step simply because they do not have someone who encourages them along the way. Provide yourself with the best chance of success by planning well for what needs to be done, by when and how you will do it.

Get the necessary resources:

You need to understand that starting a business needs money and so much more than just money. Moreover, you must identify the best sources of funding which could include personal savings, loans from financial institutions as well as individuals who can afford to give out loans to those in need at low-interest rates. In addition to this, it is prudent for one to consider investing their time and effort because apart from getting a return on investment from your labor, you also gain experience that can help you improve your skills further explains Aron Govil.

Do not give up too soon:

Many people, tend to give up after failing a few times but this should not be the case if done properly because each attempt is an opportunity for you to learn more about the market and what customers want. Therefore, failures should be seen as opportunities for improvement instead of reasons to quit.

That’s all on how to start a business and keep books in order. Follow the tips above properly so that you do not find them difficult when starting your own business. Also, if there is any other advice you think I missed out on please leave it in the comments section below!


Q1: How do I get started if I don’t have any money?

A: You can get started by bootstrapping which means starting the business with little or no money says Aron Govil. Alternatively, you can look for sources of funding from individuals or financial institutions. Additionally, you can also consider investing your time and effort into the business.

Q2: What are some of the challenges I’m likely to face when starting a business?

A: Some of the challenges you’re likely to face include lack of experience, lack of funds, competition, and many more. However, if you have a clear goal and plan in place, it will be much easier for you to overcome challenges.

Q3: How do I know if I’m ready to start a business?

A: You need to consider whether you have the financial resources, time, and skills required to start a business. Additionally, you must also evaluate the risks involved and whether you’re willing to take them. Finally, you need to ask yourself whether you have a good idea that can be profitable.

Q4: How do I market my business?

A: You can market your business through online marketing, traditional marketing such as print advertisements and direct mail, or through word-of-mouth marketing. Additionally, you can also consider exhibiting at trade shows or partnering with other businesses.

Q5: What are some of the legal requirements I need to meet when starting a business?

A: Some of the legal requirements you need to meet include registering your business name, setting up a company structure, and obtaining licenses and permits. Additionally, you must also develop a business plan and register for taxes.


Aron Govil says there are many things to think about when starting a business. By following the tips above, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to always Plan Ahead; Get the Necessary Resources, and Don’t Give up Too Soon! Thanks for reading!